Drunk drivers and drug users on RCMPs hit list

This week, the Rimbey RCMP responded to 42 calls for service.

  • Aug. 27, 2013 6:00 p.m.

This week, the Rimbey RCMP responded to 42 calls for service. Highlights include drugs, impaired drivers, assaults, fraud and other criminal matters.

More drunk drivers arrested

Rimbey Mounties continue to arrest more drunk drivers in our community. Again, three more highly intoxicated drivers were arrested. On Aug. 17 an alert officer stopped a 49-year-old female, a resident of Bluffton, who shouldn’t have been behind the wheel. She provided breath samples of nearly triple the legal limit and during the investigation she assaulted the arresting officer. The woman has three previous convictions for drunk driving on her criminal record. Charged with impaired driving and assaulting a police officer, the accused will appear in Rimbey court on Oct. 4 to speak to the judge about her actions.

Two more men, ages 45 and 60, both from Rimbey, were arrested for drunk driving. In each case, the men lost their vehicles and their licenses and will be required to appear in Rimbey court to deal with their criminal charges.

RCMP find meth user, not Leatherface

In the early morning hours of Aug. 22 police received a 911 call from a distraught man claiming men were using a chainsaw to cut his house off its foundation. The hysterical man was screaming on the phone like he was reliving the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Several officers quickly responded to the scene and found no angry men in the area resembling Paul Bunyan.

As the investigation into the matter progressed, it became apparent the alleged victim was high on methamphetamine and having a major episode from the illegal narcotics he had consumed. The 34-year-old drug user was apprehended and dealt with accordingly. Children’s Services was also advised in this case.

Rounding up the usual offenders

More chronic offenders were arrested last week as police continue to target those in the community who were released from jail with conditions to abide by. Several ne’er-do-wells found their way back to the Crow Bar Motel and a few more are “laying low” knowing they are next to take the Buffalo Cab back to jail.

Be safe this hunting season

Police investigated numerous complaints of gunshots being fired in rural areas. In most cases, there were no laws broken as hunters were simply sighting in their firearms getting ready for the upcoming hunting season. In one case, tree stands and game cameras were seized from a property by police since no one had permission to hunt there.

As fall quickly approaches, please ensure you have permission to access any land you wish to hunt on and leave gates as you found them. If you are planning an adventure into the woods, please let a friend or loved one know where you are going and when you plan to return. Every year, police receive a call that “Elmer J. Fudd” did not come back from his hunting trip. When the question is asked by police, “Where was he going?” Often the response is, “His secret hunting spot.”

If you have any information regarding these or any other crimes, please call the Rimbey RCMP at (403) 843-2224 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477, #8477 on Telus Mobility or *8477 on Rogers AT&T.

Crime Stoppers is a community program that does work. Do your part and call now.