Energize 2018 coming soon

Women’s conference offers potpourri of sessions

Energize 2018 coming soon

Rimbey’s annual women’s conference is back again, offering as always, a potpourri of sessions, a variety of vendors, a fascinating keynote speaker and a great lunch.

The theme for the 32nd annual conference, to be held Thurs., Feb 8 at the Peter Lougheed Community Centre is Energize 2018.The keynote speaker at this year’s conference who plans to share her philosophy that life should be enriching, exciting and most of all, fun, certainly fits well with that theme.

Brenda Robinson’s presentation is entitled ‘Laughter in your family, your life and your community.’

It seems Brenda Robinson, a lively, energetic mother of five and grandmother of nine has enjoyed many enriching and exciting, not to mention fun-filled experiences along her own life journey and is more than happy to share her perspective on living a joy filled life.

“I try to get the best out of every day,” she said. “And I like to see the lighter side of things.”

Brenda grew up on a farm close to Minnedosa, Manitoba and recalls her father as being her first teacher and role model regarding looking at the positive side of life. She said he was an internal optimistic, always looking ahead to a brighter future, even when his crops would fail.

“He would say, ‘there’s always next year,’” she recalled.

Robinson now lives in Sherwood Park where she and her husband, Len run a training and development business.

For more than 30 years, Robinson has focused on such issues as communication, humour, laughter, positive working skills and wellness in general.

“Laughter and joy are so important and so is how we perceive things,” she said.

Robinson earned a Bachelor of Arts at Brandon University and her Masters of Education at Simon Fraser University.

Her workshops and presentations are in high demand. She has authored four books and created an Audio CD set to help people to develop these skills.

“Communication doesn’t have to be heavy and serious. It can be light, friendly, personalized and positive. We’ve allowed negativity to creep into our style and approach for communication. Even in our families, children between six months and three years hear no in relation to yes on an 80/20 ratio. By the time they are three years old, children know for sure what not to do. What they need to explore is what they can do or what can be done. How can we break the habit of negativity? We can lighten up and become positive communicators.” she said.

Energize 2018 will be held at the Peter Lougheed Community Centre and registration deadline is Feb. 1. Registration fee includes lunch.

For more information contact the FCSS office at 403-843-2030 or contact any planning committee member.