Enviro-Fair helps community recycle properly


  • Jun. 14, 2011 9:00 a.m.


The Enviro-Fair sponsored by the Rimbey Ratepayers’ Association helped pave the way to keeping the community litter free and environmentally friendly.

Jody Blackmore, secretary of the ratepayers’ association said about 50 people showed up for the Enviro-Fair held in at the Beatty House June 4.

“I think, considering the weather, it was a fair turnout,” she said. “We had a number of people from the Bluffton area as well.”

Blackmore was pleased that Cast-A-Waste staff was on hand to provide valuable tips.

“Recycling should be in clear bags and not in containers of any kind,” she noted. “If it’s in a container, it will be taken as garbage.”

Garbage cans may be wind-proofed by tying the lids on and placing large rocks in the bottom, she added.

“In the alley you can attach your container to your fence. Even built-in place containers are acceptable, anything that keeps the animals out.”

To keep cans from getting broken, Cast-A-Waste staff do not dump them, but pick up the bags inside the cans to dispose of the garbage.

She said a general rule for recycling is that any plastic that can be bent or squeezed can be recycled.

“And remember not to put recyclables in containers, just in blue bags or clear bags.”

Blackmore said the ratepayers’ association is grateful to Cast-A-Waste for donating 10 heavy-duty garbage carts that were given away at the fair. They are also grateful to the Town of Rimbey for approving their grant in aid application that allowed them to hand out free clear bags to those who attended early in the day and the Rimbey Builders Supply for the use of their tent.

The ratepayers’ association is planning a future work bee at the recycle centre