Two-year-old Abigail Fowler enjoyed the spray park, Tuesday. Treena Mielke Photo

Families enjoy spray park

Spray park working well

Tuesday was a bright, hot day and the splash park at Rimbey Aquatic Centre was in full swing.

It was a wonderful reprieve for the parents and grandparents who had brought children to the park to have a great time and stay cool.

One of the youngsters running around at the park was two-year-old Abigail Fowler. She was there with her parents John and Shiela and her big brother Parker.

The little girl was having a wonderful time in the splash park as was her brother.

Both children seemed so healthy and strong and full of energy, it was a joy to watch them.

But even as their father, John Fowler watched them, he took a moment to reflect on the worry and fear the couple experienced when their son was born.

The baby was born about three months early and only weighed a pound and a half.

“When he was born he was no bigger than his daddy’s hand.

But from the moment of his birth, the tiny boy showed he was a fighter and today the little boy is sturdy and strong and very much enjoying the splash park.

Even though Parker’s lungs were not fully developed, the baby began breathing on his own when he was only out of the womb for 22 seconds.

Fowler, who lived in Rimbey for 17 years when his son was born was grateful for the community support.

“It is something we never expected. I never felt so much a part of the community. The e-mails and supportive prayers were wonderful. We were very grateful.”

Now with two strong healthy children, the couple are enjoying their family and gratful to have the opportunity to come to the splash park in Rimbey and just have fun.