Fire department responds to two fire calls, Jan. 9

Fire department responds to two fire calls, Jan. 9.

The firefighters from Rimbey fire department had returned to the hall and were just putting away their equipment after several hours spent battling the blaze from one fire, when they were called to another.

The fires both occurred last Saturday.

At around 4 p.m. the fire department responded to a call regarding a mobile home that was on fire located about 12 miles northwest of Rimbey.

Fire chief John Weisgerber said the mobile home was “fully involved” by the time they arrived.

“The owners were at home, but they got out okay,” he said.

The cause of the fire which destroyed the single wide mobile home has not yet been determined.

The firemen returned to Rimbey and were putting away their equipment when a second call came in.

This time, firemen responded to an explosion in a garage on the north end of town.

“It was a small fire, but it did a fair bit of damage and blew the doors off the garage,” said Weisgerber.

He said the person working in the garage at the time of the explosion suffered some burns and was taken to the hospital for medical attention.

Const. Carman Dutz from Rimbey RCMP said the explosion occurred when an unidentified person was working in a confined space without proper ventilation in a vehicle in the garage.

“There was no criminal intent,” he said.