Geocaching program gets $1,000 rec grant support


  • Aug. 9, 2011 3:00 p.m.

By Treena Mielke

Geocaching, a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices, soon to come to Rimbey, received an unexpected financial boost from government dollars.

Lisa Tink, manager of children and youth programs for Alberta Recreation and Parks, said Rimbey has been approved for $1,000 to go toward the program.

The funding is available through the SoGo Active program, a $5 million, five-year national youth active living program that encourages youths to take up some form of physical activity.

“Youth across our province are getting involved, having fun and becoming more active because of the opportunities provided by Sogo Active,” said Tink. “Through the support of Coca-Cola Canada and ParticipACTION, over the last three years, we are able to fund programs that encourage and inspire Alberta’s youth to integrate physical activity into their lives.”

Rimbey recreation director Rick Kreklewich said the grant will be put to good use.

“It’s always helpful to get grant funding so we can offer more to the community. The geocaching program is something all ages can participate in and should be fun.”

Last year Rimbey received $2,000 to support a summer active program. The focus of the program was to have youths become re-acquainted with nature by introducing such activities as golfing, canoeing and fishing.

Kreklewich said a modified version of this program has continued this year.

“We have a summer fun program that is offered at affordable prices. The response has been very good. The focus is on being active and the children have participated in such activities as field trips to the waterslides and Discovery Canyon.”

This year’s summer fun program, which is run by Kayla Hoffer and Christa Mueller, will be completed Aug. 26. Registration is full, but drop-ins are still accepted