Government ministers support Rimbey’s plans

Rimbey’s town office is one step closer to relocating to the provincial building.

Rimbey’s town office is one step closer to relocating to the provincial building.

During the recent Alberta Urban Municipalities Association convention Rimbey Mayor Sheldon Ibbotson meet with Wayne Drysdale, minister of infrastructure, to further discuss moving the town office to Rimbey’s provincial building.

Town council first considered relocating in August when the library requested more space, due to overcrowding.

“It was a step forward,” said Ibbotson. “It was very hopeful.”

Ibbotson said the relocation would go ahead if the numbers fall into place. The town doesn’t have to funds to purchase the space. “If we can afford to lease it we certainly will.”

However, the plan is still in development and Ibbotson is waiting to hear back from Drysdale. “He did not say it was a done deal.”

Grant money transfer

Ibbotson also met with Doug Griffiths, minister of municipal affairs, to talk about Rimbey’s leaky northern lagoon.

With Griffith’s approval Ibbotson and town council can transfer $92,000 in leftover grant money to help fund the lagoon’s repairs and other drainage issues.

The grant was originally to aid a drainage project from the hospital to the river; the lagoon project is similar so the money can be transferred.

“It was $92,000 sitting in the books that we couldn’t use,” said Ibbotson.

Rimoka update

Rimbey’s new Rimoka seniors’ housing plan is in the review stage.

“He (Griffiths) said it’s an innovative project and it looks good,” said Ibbotson.

If there are any issues in the review they’ll be technical ones, said Ibbotson.

The town is supportive of the project and putting up funds for the infrastructure, but “it’s not a guarantee,” said Ibbotson.