Highlights from Wolf Creek Public Schools

At the December 4, 2013 meeting the Board requested that the Superintendent would review

  • Dec. 31, 2013 11:00 a.m.

At the December 4, 2013 meeting the Board requested that the Superintendent would review the current Christian Education Administrative Procedure. The Board wishes to determine if the program is still relevant to the needs and wishes of parents and students.

Railway Crossing Issues

The Board received a concern from a Mirror area resident regarding a 40-45 minute delay of a Wolf Creek Public Schools bus caused by a CN train blocking the level crossing. The Board directed the Superintendent to write a letter to CN raising the concerns held by the Board around this sort of delay and indicating the impacts delays such as this have on students.

New Blackfalds School

The Board requested that the Superintendent prepare process options for the Board to consider for the naming of the new Blackfalds School. The school is slated to open in September 2016. The Board will establish the process early in the New Year.

Blackfalds Grade Configuration

Wolf Creek Public Schools will need to establish the grade configuration for the new school being opened in 2016. This will likely have implications for the two existing schools as well. The Board received some initial enrolment projections and thoughts on the various options for configuration from the Superintendent and Secretary-Treasurer. The Board directed the Superintendent to consider the various options in light of staffing and programming as well as logistical elements such as student transportation. The Board will consider a communication strategy and avenues for community input into the process in the New Year.

Request for Transportation Boundary Change

The Board considered a parental request to move the attendance boundary in their area to allow for transportation to a school in the neighboring attendance area that they have chosen for their student. The Board passed a motion to uphold the current attendance boundaries. Under current transportation regulations students can meet a bus at a stop in the attendance area of the school they choose to attend and receive transportation to that school subject to space availability on the bus. This option continues to be available to parents wishing to choose a school other than the designated school in their attendance area.

Disability Management Program

The Board of Trustees supported the addition of a Disability Management Consultant role for a six month term (January – July 2014). Mr. Eric Hemming, owner and lead consultant with Hemming Disability Management Services, will work directly with the People Services department to support the implementation of a new process of working with employees who are on sick leave or extended disability benefits. Mr. Hemming has worked for both the Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) and more importantly, was a senior leader with the Alberta School Employee Benefit Plan (ASEBP). This experience has helped him develop a sound understanding of the processes unique to the education sector. The main focus of this consulting partnership is to enhance the level of support for Wolf Creek employees by providing direct, timely assistance and contact to ensure employees receive the right service at the right time. This focus is intended to minimize the impact of illness or impairment both for the employee and students they serve.

Revised Operating Budget 2013/2014

The Board received the revised operating budget for the 2013/2014 fiscal period as information. Under the revised budget Wolf Creek Public Schools is projected to operate with a $568,799 operating deficit. The revised budget is prepared annually to accommodate changes in actual enrolments and staffing levels throughout the jurisdiction. The revised budget is a management tool used to ensure the Board operates with the most current and up to date information as a means of accurately maintaining financial control and position.