Historic building comes down

  • May. 3, 2011 10:00 a.m.
Months to build; days to tear down: Rimbey Ag Society President Stan Goetz

Months to build; days to tear down: Rimbey Ag Society President Stan Goetz

ADAM JACKSON/Rimbey Review

The Rimbey Agricultural Grounds are undergoing major renovations this summer.

On Wednesday, members of the Rimbey Agriculture Society and Rimbey Rodeo Board worked to tear down two grandstands and move other buildings that will be refurbished at a later time.

The teardown and cleanup of the weathered grandstands finished on Saturday, but it is unclear what exactly will be replacing the two grandstands and buildings.

“We’re still in the planning stages right now,” said Stan Goetz, President of the Rimbey Ag Society who was also taking part in the demolition of the old buildings.

Total cost for the project is still unknown, but it has cost the Ag Society and Rodeo Board very little so far.

The Rimbey Ag Society has received donations of $500,000 and $200,000 from Ponoka County to put toward the new facility they plan to build on the land.

“These guys are all volunteering their time, they’re all from the (Ag Society),” said Goetz.

One metal and one wooden grand stand will be saved, as they are still in working order.

“The two grandstands are all we need for spectators,” said Goetz.

The Rimbey Agriculture Society is still unsure about what will be moving into that area, and a timeline has not been set as of April 27.

Although no plans are set in stone, the Ag Society plans on working a ‘green’ strategy into the construction, with the use of rain collection.

The grandstands and surrounding buildings were built in 1921, after the Rimbey Agriculture Society was founded.

The Rimbey Agricultural Grounds will still continue to be used as the construction is only being done in spectator areas.