Ibbotson plans to run for second term

Sheldon Ibbotson, elected as Rimbey’s mayor in the 2010 municipal election, plans to let his name stand again.

Mayor Sheldon Ibbotson

Mayor Sheldon Ibbotson

Sheldon Ibbotson, elected as Rimbey’s mayor in the 2010 municipal election, plans to let his name stand again.

Ibbotson sees Rimbey as a growing, vibrant community and he wants to continue to be part of the political group that helps the town continue to thrive.

“I enjoy working towards seeing the town improve, attracting people here and making Rimbey a great place to live for those residents who reside here now. I enjoy being part of the planning process and being sure effective policies are in place.”

If re-elected, Ibbotson plans to continue to push for the library expansion, the continuation of the trail system and updating the land use bylaw. He is in support of the infrastructure replacement program and is pleased to note that many of the roads and streets in Rimbey have received much needed replacement and repair since he has been in office.

During his time in office, the town’s reserves have increased from less than half a million dollars to $1.6 million.

He noted municipal tax increases have been minimal and infrastructure replacement has been ongoing. The lagoon has been repaired and the water reservoir completed.

As promised in his 2010 campaign, Ibbotson continually strives for openness and transparency.

“Our (council’s) expenses are online and our council packages are online. And I am willing to talk to anyone about their concerns. I try to be very clear about what where I stand on issues. I won’t claim I’m always right, but I will say I always do my best.”

The aquatic centre, completed last summer, has been a boon for the town and Ibbotson sees recreation events and activities in Rimbey continuing to expand.

“We have more programming going on in recreation all the time,” he said.

He is also pleased to see increased interest in industrial development in Rimbey and is confident the town will see economic growth in the future.

Ibbotson is satisfied with council’s relationship with the provincial government, noting negotiations about the possibility of the town leasing the Provincial Building went well, as did the purchase of the airport.

“I feel we work well with that level of government and I’m sure we will continue to do so,” he said.

Ibbotson won the 2010 municipal election with 631 votes, well ahead of Rick Pankiw who garnered 348 and incumbent Dale Barr who captured 223.