Local Synergy Group discussed Regulatory Compliance at meeting

RRSG holds regular bi-monthly meetings to hear updates on local industry activities.

  • May. 26, 2015 8:00 a.m.

The presentation topic for the Rimbey Regional Synergy Group (RRSG) May 21 regular meeting was focused on the Alberta Energy Regulator’s role in providing transparency in compliance reporting, Their new Compliance Dashboard, a tool they have in place to provide public access to information on industry compliance and non-compliances will be featured in the presentation.

RRSG holds regular bi-monthly meetings to hear updates on local industry activities, discuss local activity impacts and opportunities, and to share information about industry related practices in general. These meetings are also a great opportunity for industry representatives to learn more about the agricultural practices and implications to the landowners in the local community.

Companies change ownership and new companies move into the area. RRSG meetings provide a regular opportunity for these companies to share information on their current and planned activities and answer questions that people may have regarding their operations. This is also a great opportunity for local residents and landowners to connect with the industry reps to let them know about local community events and initiatives that might be of interest.

Meeting attendance typically includes landowners and community residents, local county representatives, local industry companies, local businesses and the Alberta Energy Regulator. Meetings are held in Bluffton on the third Thursday of every second month, January through November. There is no meeting in July, but the group will be hosting a large Open House event on June 18th in Rimbey.

Regular meetings start with lunch and are open to the public. An RSVP is appreciated to help plan for the lunch. For more information contact the group’s facilitator at 403-847-8086 or email rimbeysynergy@ gmail.com