Low numbers sign up for user-pay grass-recycling program

Only 14 homeowners have signed up for the user pay program.

Although close to 500 residents signed a petition requesting the town to re-instate the grass-recycling pick up, as of press time Thursday only 14 homeowners have signed up for the user pay program.

Council deemed the petition to be insufficient, but agreed to go ahead with the request, but on a user pay basis.

Under the terms of the program residents are required to purchase an 80-litre bin at a cost of $11 plus tax for grass/compost from the town. An additional bin may also be purchased. They also need to register with the town so a fee of $3 will be added to their monthly utility bill.

Homeowners must also sign the registration form for renters.

Items allowed in the yard compost disposal include leaves, grass clippings, mulch, flowers and plants, unscreened compost (decomposed yard waste materials), non-invasive weeds, tree and brush prunings, sod and dirt attached to sod in small quantities.

Yard waste does not include animal feces, cardboard, plastic, soil, rocks, fencing, fabric, netting and other non-vegetated landscaping and gardening waste.

A couple of people sitting in the gallery in the council chambers at the June 8 meeting, questioned council as to why the petition was reviewed if the MGA stated it was not valid.

Acting CAO Donna Tona explained that council wanted administration to address the petition out of respect to the 500 people who signed it, regardless of the ruling in the MGA, which meant it could have been tossed out the night it was presented.

She said the petition was not valid as it was presented directly to council and not to the CAO and it was pertaining to a budgetary issue.

However, she said council did not want to ignore the fact around 500 people wanted to see the service continue.

“We had been searching for alternatives and the petition prompted us to accelerate out timetable.”

It was also pointed out to council that the public is confused as to what exactly will be picked up with the new program.

However, council said the issue has been advertised in the Review.

For more information about the grass and compost program call public works at 403-843-2725.