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Man wielding machete in Wetaskiwin still unidentified; police investigate

The Wetaskiwin RCMP have received three separate reports over the last week of a man carrying a machete and approaching individuals in the City of Wetaskiwin.

RCMP believe that the incidents were all the same individual based on eyewitness descriptions in reports. All three reports stated that the individual was not threatening anyone with the machete but simply carrying it around.

Two of the reports located the suspect on the south side of the city, once trying to gain access to an apartment which RCMP state is unclear if it belonged to the suspect or not. The third incident reported had the suspect located at the water tower on the north end of the city.

On Wetaskiwin focused social media pages, multiple posts including accounts of run-ins with the now dubbed ‘machete man’ and memes have popped up.

Although some posts claim that the suspect has been caught, Corp. Kevin Krebs with the Wetaskiwin Camrose RCMP detachment confirms that there has been no suspect identified or arrested.

“At this point we do not know who it is.”

Krebs states that the Wetaskiwin RCMP are still investigating the reports and are actively trying to identify the suspect.