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MLA Anglin’s political goals and objectives remain the same

MLA Joe Anglin is running in the May 5 election as an Independent.
MLA Joe Anglin

MLA Joe Anglin is running in the May 5 election as an Independent and he is confident this is the role in government where he can best serve his constituents.

“There is a lot of anger and frustration out there,” he said. “People are really upset with the PCs and the current state of affairs. I think people need a choice and I can give them that choice.”

Anglin said his political views have not changed since he first threw his hat into the political ring.

“I entered politics with a commitment to fiscal responsibility and a goal to improve upon Alberta’s educational system, senior’s care system, PDD Care system and the health care system,” he said.

While his goals and values have never waivered, he believes his experience representing the Wildrose and his initial decision, which never materialized, to run for the PCs has shown him he can better serve the people as an Independent.

“I know I can be very effective as an Independent. I can be there one hundred percent of the time and I don’t have to represent a Party. Really, I kind of wish there was more Independents.”

Anglin said his past experience and passion will serve him well.

“I am extremely proud to be the first Independent Member of Alberta’s Legislature to have a Private Member’s Bill pass in 91 years. I am only the second Independent Member in the history of Alberta’s Legislature to accomplish this feat.”

Anglin is worried that the PC budget will adversely affect future generations, noting the three per cent increase they have allotted for education will not keep up with population growth.

He views the budget as littered with wasteful spending and full of tax increases which are being imposed on the backs of workers.

“It leaves our most vulnerable behind,” he said.

While Anglin has no crystal ball to determine how the voters will cast their bal- lots, he is confident he would be a good choice to represent the people of his constituency in the legislature.

“If they evaluate me on experience and effective- ness, I would get the job,” he said.