Negotiations continue between Rimoka and Alberta Municipal Affairs about proposal

Communication between municipal affairs and Rimoka Housing about a multi-million dollar aging in place facility for Rimbey is continuing

Communication between municipal affairs and Rimoka Housing about a multi-million dollar aging in place facility for Rimbey is continuing, and a revised proposal is soon to be reviewed.

Kathleen Range, Press Secretary to Municipal Affairs Minister, Doug Griffiths, said the proposal, which first went before the government in 2011, has not been discarded, although the government wants additional information.

She said a senior’s lodge for Rimbey is a priority, but there are issues which need to be addressed before a final decision will be made.

“What they will be doing with the existing facility (needs to be clarified),” she said.

“We are expecting a revised proposal.”

Denis Beesley, president of Bethany Group, the CAO of Rimoka Housing said he is hoping to meet with the Ministry soon.

“We have come up with a revised proposal. It’s still pretty broad-brush.”

Beesley said the revised proposal suggests renovating a portion of the existing facility for seniors’ use as well as build a new facility that would accommodate those in need of an aging in place facility.

“We are trying to make the best use of the assets we already have as well as create more space,” he said.

Chairman of Rimoka Housing Authority Paul McLauchlin said the existing lodge located in the town is owned by the province.

Earlier this year, Ponoka County Council, agreed to purchase 8.5 acres of land in Johnson’s Estates located northwest of the Rimbey Community Centre to be used for an aging in place facility. The title of the land will remain in the county’s name until approval for the senior’s housing project is obtained from the province.

The town has agreed to pay approximately $170,000 for the cost of installing the water and sewer lines from the nearest main to the property.

Earlier Mayor Sheldon Ibbotson said he is pleased the town is working with Rimoka and the county to move the project forward.

“I’m encouraged by the partnership within the town, the county and Rimoka. I believe this greatly increases the chances of having a new senior’s facility in Rimbey.”

Rimbey’s accommodations for seniors now include Parkland Manor and Kansas Ridge 1 and 11.

Parkland Manor has 63 rooms. Kansas Ridge 1 has 16 one-bedroom living accommodations and Kansas Ridge 11 has 20 units.

Parkland Manor, the oldest building, has narrow hallways, there is no fire suppressant system and the kitchen is small. The roof which has leaked in the past has been repaired, but constant upgrades are needed.