New lodge is given a name

Rimbey Valley View Manor is selected

New lodge is given a name

By Treena Mielke

It was an exciting time at Parkland Manor Friday when Mayor Rick Pankiw announced the name of the new lodge.

A contest has been running for several weeks to name the lodge and the winners, who are residents of Parkland Manor, were thrilled to learn their name was selected.

As the residents gathered for lunch the mayor gave a short speech and finally handed the winners their prize of Rimbey bucks.

The new lodge will be called Valley View Manor and the winners of the contest are Irene Anderson, Anne Ingram and Gary Sodeberg.

Pankiw explained that the three had submitted names that were very similar so it was decided to split the $150 Rimbey bucks equally among them.

The mayor said there were well over 100 submissions which were shortlisted to six. The six names were given to Parkland Manor residents so they could make the final decision.

Pankiw said he was very pleased to announce the winners.

“I want to say thank you for the time and effort you put into naming your new home,” he said.