Operation IMPACT

The number one priority of any government is the safety and security of its citizens.

The number one priority of any government is the safety and security of its citizens. We cannot have Peace, Order and Good Governance in Canada if our country is living under the threat of attack by those who wish to strip away all the things that make Canada great.

ISIL has declared war on Canada, they despise what our society stands for, and they despise our Canadian traditions, freedoms, democracy, and the rule of law. It is for these reasons our Government has forwarded the exten- sion of operations against these jihadi terrorists. Canada cannot sit idle on the sidelines while innocent people are being killed by these terrorists and our countries safety is at risk. Our brave men and women have, throughout our history fought against tyranny in the pursuit of what is right.Make no mistake; we will not abandon that tradition now.

Operation IMPACT will be extended for up to 12 months, until March 30th, 2016. Its mandate would be expanded to authorize Canada’s CF-188 Hornet fighters to join coalition partners in attacking ISIL targets within Syrian territory. It is important to note that as with Operation CREEP, Operation IMPACT would remain a counter-terrorism operation exclusively targeting ISIL. Canada will NOT be participating in ground combat operations.

As a result of the coalition’s efforts ISIL terrorists can no longer operate freely in approximately 25% of territory they previously held. ISIL cannot have a safe haven; fighters and equipment cannot be al- lowed to continue to flow across the Iraqi-Syrian boarders.

Contrary to what the opposition parties would like Canadians to believe, Canada is one of the largest contributors to humanitarian aid in Iraq. Canada has contributed $67.4 million in humanitarian assistance since 2014; this has provided food to 1.7 million people, shelter and relief supplies to 1.26 million people and education opportunities for up to half a million kids. Canada has also contributed over $700 million in aid, development and security assistance for Syria and neighboring countries.

Canada stands with the Syrian people and we will continue advocating for a political solution to the Syrian crisis. We will stand with our coalition partners to fight these international jihadi terrorists.

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