Patrick Rurka from Phasco Health steps up to the plate

Patrick Rurka from Phasco Health steps up to the plate

Helping others offers many benefits

With the world reeling from the outbreak of the coronavirus, individuals are quietly doing their part to help out and to ensure that kindness trumps illness, fear, worry and isolation.

Rimbey resident, Patrick Rurka is one of those individuals.

Rurka and his wife, Heather are the founders of Phasco Health, an organization that helps people become healthier physically and mentally and stay that way.

A well known pharmacist in the area, Rurka has spent the last few years devoting himself to Phasco Health, so reaching out to help others during this time of crisis seemed a natural thing to do.

After speaking with Peggy Makofka, executive director of Rimbey FCSS he learned that he could, indeed, use his training and skill set to help by coordinating a group of individuals who are in a position to assist others and would be willing to do so.

These volunteers would not have to go through the training required for regular FCSS volunteers, but would only need to adhere to the guidelines set out by Alberta Health Services.

“They wouldn’t have to go through all the hoops for regular volunteers,” Rurka said.

Anyone who wishes to help out in this way may contact Patrick Rurka by emailing him at or calling him at 403-392-3044.

Rurka explained that helping others has great emotional and health benefits.

“It boosts your own immune system and increases your own oxytocin levels,” he said.

A community that stands together during times of struggle and hardship does become stronger and more resilient, he said.