Payson ready to serve on council for another term

After three years on town council, Paul Payson is looking forward to serving another term.

Paul Payson

Paul Payson

After three years on town council, Paul Payson is looking forward to serving another term.

Payson, who has taught at the Rimbey Christian School for several years, has found his term to be interesting and challenging.

“It has given me a new appreciation of all the work that goes on; the whole process; the behind-the-scenes stuff. Really, small town issues that go with running a municipality are not much different than in a larger city. We just wear more hats than our city counterparts.’

Payson represents council on the library board, the recreation board and the Blindman Youth Action Board.

He is also a volunteer fireman.

He is pleased with the progress council has made during his time as a councillor.

“It is good seeing the trails being built. I wanted to see that happen. And there has been some progress with sidewalks although we still have a lot of work to do.”

As council’s rep on the library board, Payson understand the crowding issue very well.

“I’m definitely in favor of finding a solution to the library space issue. We need to find ways to move forward in that issue.”

Payson agreed residents have agreed to disagree over some issues, but he believes the overall goal is the same.

“Most people agree they want a nice town to live in, a town they can be proud of. Everyone has the same goal and that is wanting to make the town the best place possible. And whether it’s about a pothole or the library everyone needs to take ownership.”

Payson, who is married to Shawna and has two girls, Gillian, 15 and Kailyn, 13, is happy with his family’s community of choice.

“I like the size of the town and the face it is small enough we can walk anywhere and feel safe. Here, everyone looks out for each other and takes care of each other.”