Play equipment removed


  • Aug. 30, 2011 12:00 p.m.

By Treena Mielke

Soon it won’t be quite as easy to send youngsters to the playground to have some fun as the equipment from two of Rimbey’s playgrounds is to be hauled away next month.

Recreation director Rick Kreklewich told council an inspection report conducted in July by Derek Giesbrecht of Questic Contracting stated equipment in the playgrounds at 47th Street and 56th Avenue (BMX or Rimoka playground) and the playground at 52nd Street and 46th Avenue (Rimrock Park) should be removed.

Kreklewich said it is unfortunate that the equipment must be taken down, but noted that the town is complying with safety regulations and is doing its part to ensure the safety of its younger generation.

“These playgrounds were built in the ’80s and the equipment has been deemed unsafe,” he said. “There was some suggestion about keeping the tires and the swings but the tires were reported as being worn and torn, and requiring protective surfacing, and the recommendation was to have them removed.”

Kreklewich was told by Giesbrecht the swings would probably not meet certification standards, so he opted against the time and expense needed to have them tested by an engineer.

The Lions Playground located on 51st Avenue and 49 Street will remain as well the Lions 2 Playground located on Park Avenue and 52nd Street. However, some of equipment including tires, swings, slides and a ‘horse’ ride will be removed.

Kreklewich said the recreation board is working on a development plan for the BMX park with the plans to create a multi-use park in the future. No date has been set for the park, but Kreklewich is hoping it will happen soon.

“We hope to have something in place for next year.”

Council has allocated $50,000 toward playgrounds in Rimbey, though about $1,700 of this funding was used to commission the services of a certified playground inspector to conduct the audit on the playgrounds.

Structures and independent equipment was audited using the CAN/CSA-Z614-07 Children’s Playspaces and Equipment Standard.