Residents get updates on policing in Rimbey at town hall meeting

Rimbey RCMP hosted a town hall meeting on March 30.

“There have only been a few in-person meetings throughout this Global Pandemic and I wanted to take the time to reach out to everyone in the communities in and around Rimbey’s detachment area,” said Sergeant Pierre St-Cyr, Rimbey RCMP detachment commander.

The town hall addressed crime stats, calls for service and caseload for Rimbey from 2017 to 2021. St-Cyr noted that the 2022 stats will be available this coming July.

The annual performance plans (APP) for 2021-2022 were also a topic of conversation. St-Cyr highlighted some of the areas including crime reduction, which entails preventing and reducing property crimes. This includes motor vehicle thefts, break-ins and possession of stolen property which are drivers for the drug users and sellers.

Enhancing public confidence and engagement, building and maintaining positive and strong relationships within the community and our various stakeholders.

Crime reduction against gas and oil companies, enhanced visibility, patrols, scrap metal and recyclers transaction tracking and monitoring through Habitual Offender Management (HOM).

The topic of traffic safety was also discussed including speed enforcement, school zones, impaired driving and tips on offenders.

Crime Reduction initiatives such as the crime capture site and camera database, “you etch it, we catch it” engraving of VIN numbers on catalytic converters by repair shops, crime mapping, online reporting and phone apps.

The meeting also touched on the number of tickets issued in 2021 for Traffic violations and other provincial statutes, the number of Mental Health related calls from 2017 to 2021 and the implementation of Rural Policing and Crisis Team (RPACT) units in Central Alberta

The public was also brought up to speed on detachment facility updates and renovations such as the cell block being converted into a filing room, boardroom and flex space created, expansion of the bullpen from two to four workstations.

“I can tell you that overall, we are very pleased with the turnout of the event as well as the number of attendees that evening,” St-Cyr said, adding there were about 41 residents in attendance for the meeting.