Rimbey Agrum one step closer to construction

Construction of the Rimbey Ag Society’s Agrum is going to start soon.

Construction of the Rimbey Ag Society’s Agrum is going to start soon.

A cheque for $500,000 promised by Ponoka County, was presented to members of the society May 14. Treasurer Shirley Ingram also brought a letter to the county seeking endorsement for a line of credit of $1.8 million for financing at the same level as the Ponoka ag event centre.

CAO Charlie Cutforth hopes to help Ingram get the best rate for the society. “Our own concern obviously is that we’re getting the best deal we can.”

Ponoka County is able to endorse ag societies with tax money and he wants to see a second proposal to provide the best rate for the society. Ingram is grateful to the county for the support given so far. She feels the society will need $2.4 to $2.5 million to complete the building and the $500,000 will go immediately to contractors.

This brings the county’s support to a total of $1.7 million as well as hauling dirt. “They are really behind us and want to see this building finished,” she said.

Ingram’s hope is to have pilings started in the next month as they have just awarded Almita Pilings the contract to start the work.

Now the group is working on corporate sponsorship and Ingram hopes they will not need to use all of the line of credit. She is however grateful to have the option as the funds can pay for contractors as some require a certain amount up front.

The Rimbey Agriculture Society is also fundraising with $20 raffle tickets with three prizes: two sides of beef, a barbecue and a patio set.

Council approved a motion stating Cutforth can write an endorsement letter to the ag society for $1.8 million.

The Rimbey Ag Society has been running ag events since 1923, said Ingram and she feels the group has a strong vision of how they would like the building to operate.