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Rimbey council holds positive meeting with Central Alberta Raceways regarding noise complaints

Rimbey council hosted a delegation from Central Alberta Raceways during their May 25 meeting.

Council had requested the delegation to come in to discuss noise complaints received from community members regarding the track.

“We talked to them about the events they hold,” said Mayor Rick Pankiw.

“It was a really good discussion, with really good outcome.”

At the heart of the complaints were the five-plus race events held at the track in 2021 that took place past the 10 p.m. noise bylaw cutoff.

Thanks to a change in planning for the 2022 race season, Mayor Pankiw says there are three events scheduled to start later in the day, but none should go past 10 p.m. this season.

51 Street project

During a special meeting on May 12, council approved the awarding of the 51 Street storm upgrade project to Northside Construction for a tendered price of just under $2.7 million.

However, the tendered price is around $600,000 more than was budgeted for the project.

Administration recommended increasing the budget to just over $2.7 million, funding the overages from reserves. The recommendation was approved by council.

With the $600,000 transferred to the project, the Town of Rimbey’s reserves sit at just over $2.9 million.

Pet Bylaw forum

Rimbey residents will get their opportunity to have their say about a pending pet bylaw.

An open house has been organized for the community to discuss their concerns, both for and against, with council on May 31 at the Rimbey Community Centre.

The open house will run from 7 until 9 p.m.

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