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Rimbey council moving away from in-person meetings due to sharp rise in COVID cases

With the Omicron variant of COVID-19 causing havoc across the province and the world, Rimbey’s town council is taking a cautious approach.

During their Jan. 10, 2022, council meeting, the decision was made to transition council and bylaw committee meetings back to Zoom, and council has also indefinitely postponed their upcoming strategic planning session.

“They don’t want to in any way spread the virus,by limiting in person meetings, (they) limit contact with others,” said chief administrative officer Lori Hillis.

The changes takes place effective immediately.


Rimbey council received a presentation from Ecotree, a proposed “farm-to-table neighbourhood” or “agrihood.” The neighbourhood would feature walking trails, horse stables, community kitchens, and would be completely self sufficient in supplying its own food.

“It was a really good presentation,” said Hillis. According to a video attached to the presentation, there are over 200 “agrihoods” in the United States, and the homes in these communities tend to have higher values.


Two bylaws were discussed during the meeting as well.

The first bylaw was the Bylaw committee bylaw which had some minor changes, but no motions were made to accept the changes.

The second bylaw discussed was the Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw.

Council accepted the changes, however, instead of immediately making the changes, council is awaiting the opportunity to hold an open house to give the public a chance to voice their opinion on the proposed changes.

Notification of an open house will be made once the COVID-19 situation in the province allows for it to occur.

Other items

According to Mayor Rick Pankiw, another project is in the works for the community.

A cross country ski track is being developed on an 8.4 acre property by the Christian School on the north east side town.

“This will, during COVID, give people something else to do,” said Pankiw. “We’re hopeful it can turn into an annual thing.”

Full details of the project are still being worked out and will be provided at a later date.