Rimbey Food Bank benefits from generous donation

Donation came from the recent sixth annual Rock Ride


Organizers with a recent annual event have made a generous donation to the Rimbey Food Bank.

The six annual Rock Ride was held in June in Bluffton, and is described as featuring camping, live entertainment and bike games to name a few highlights.

Sponsored by the Bluffton City General Store, the event kicked off with a meet and greet. There were also silent and live auctions.

“They took the cash that was raised and purchased a truck-load of groceries,” said Jamie Coston of the Rimbey FCSS, expressing her gratitude to all those involved including Chris Graham of the Bluffton City General Store.

“It came to 908 lbs of groceries or $1,500 worth,” she said, adding that the donation will go a long ways to helping meet the ongoing needs of the Rimbey Food Bank.

“The Food Bank has been busy this summer,” she said.

“It’s wonderful,’ she added of the donation. “And it’s nice because Bluffton is our community – we might be different towns, but we are all one community,” she said.

Meanwhile, other FCSS programs continue to provide services to the community, including the ‘Rimshaw’ which is up and running again for rides around town.

“So if anyone wants a ride, they can call the office and we can give them a ride on the bike,” said Coston.

Also, each Thursday morning, folks are invited to drop by for a coffee on the patio in front of the FCSS office.

Topics focus on wellness in the community, said Coston, adding that the coffee times get underway at 9:30 a.m.

The Zoom coffee meetings are still running as well.

“We also have our summer students going around handing out ice cream in different areas around town, and at different times,” she said.

For more information about the many programs offered through the local FCSS office, call 403-843-2030.