Rimbey Mayor Rick Pankiw seeking a third term

Pankiw says he wants to see projects through

Mayor Rick Pankiw

Rimbey Mayor Rick Pankiw announced on Aug. 18 that he will be running for re-election in the 2021 municipal election.

“I am seeking a third term,” said Pankiw.

“I think one of my biggest reasons (to run) are there are still things I want to see finished,” he said, adding there are a number of projects he wants to see through to completion.

Those include the new travel centre currently under construction and the four-way stop at Highway 20 and 53 that needs to be repaired.

His says the road and pipes need to be replaced after several years of heavy truck traffic wearing down the intersection and it’s becoming “more and more critical every year.”

Funding to the tune of $1 million been secured from the Minister of Transportation for the project, however, more is needed as the total cost is estimated to be upwards of $5 million.

With the economic recession caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the downturn of oil prices that hasn’t recovered from several years ago, Pankiw says he feels he’s the best person to be mayor of Pankiw.

He says he has a “good inside track” with current MLAs and ministers, and those relationships have helped get funding for projects.

His experience as a business person in Rimbey for over 20 years before he ran for office, has also enabled him to solicit and attract developers to invest and start businesses in Rimbey.

“I try to promote our town as well as I possibly can.”

Projects he has seen through during his first two terms has mayor that he is most proud of is the new seniors’ lodge.

“That was a big job and I worked hard on that as mayor and as a board member of Rimoka,” he said.

Other projects include the expansion of the library that is currently underway, the paving on the Evergreen Estates trail this summer, as well as the completion of the skate park.

“There are a lot of things but those are the ones that stick out the most,” he said.

“I think people should vote for me because I think I’m proven over the past eight years that I put the town and its residents first and foremost,” said Pankiw.

“I’ve been dedicated to the position for eight years and I will remain dedicated for four more years.”

His priorities going forward would include a balanced budget in lean times that are seeing MSI funding uncertainties and increases in policing costs.

The current council’s goal has been to cut down on expenses without hindering services, and Pankiw says he would continue on that track.

He would also continue to promote Rimbey to developers.

As of Aug, 19, only one other candidate had filed their nominations papers, according to Pankiw.

Nominations are open until noon on Sept. 20.

The Town of Rimbey is not posting the names of confirmed candidates at this time. According to executive assistant Bonnie Rybak, members of the public will have to come to the town office to look at the filed nomination papers.

Requests made by Black Press for the information to be sent via email were denied.