Rimbey RCMP deal with domestic disputes, illegal drugs and thieves

Rimbey RCMP detachment investigated 53 files this week.

  • Nov. 11, 2014 7:00 a.m.

Rimbey RCMP detachment investigated 53 files this week. Highlights include a break and enter to a business, trespassing, domestic disputes, illegal drugs and other serious matters.

Thieves cause damage to bottle depot

At the stroke of midnight on November 5, Mounties responded to a burglar alarm at the Rimbey Bottle Depot. Police quickly attended the scene but the alarm had scared off the thieves before police arrived. Officers patrolled the area with a Police Service Dog but were unable to track down the culprits. The bandits caused considerable damage to the business when breaking into the building and since the store leaves no cash on the premises at night, the only money stolen by the crooks was a charity box that had money in it destined for a local school event. These despicable criminals even went so far as trying to light the siding of the building on fire to gain access. Fortunately, the flames were contained and did not spread into a full blown fire. Police are actively following up on all leads in this case at this time as the investigation continues.

Oilfield site hit

Another oil field site was hit by thieves near Highway 22 and Highway 53. A large quantity of diesel fuel, fuel additives as well as some tools were stolen.

Domestic dispute

On November 6, police arrested a 21-year-old local man at a domestic dispute. Prior to police getting called by a concerned citizen, the accused had trashed the house and was holding his spouse against her will not allowing her to leave the residence. The man has been charged with forcible confinement and mischief to property. The accused was also wanted on an outstanding warrant and remains in custody at this time.

Drug traffickers urged to quit

Police continue to target illegal drugs in the community and made another arrest this week. If you are a drug trafficker in Rimbey, you will get arrested. Maybe consider another career path. If you sell drugs you have great potential to make money without having to look over your shoulder or worry about going to jail. Just think about this for a moment…if you sell drugs you have a gift of being able to market a product, you have to get the word out to potential buyers…that means you have good customer relations and communication skills. Plus, you have to be able to do this in secret, which means you are good at following procedures. Why not turn your skills into being a productive member in our society and get a real job instead of being a drug dealer. It is never too late to change…why not turn over a new leaf…today. If you have a drug addiction, there is help. Call the Rimbey and District Victim Services Unit directly at (403) 843-8494. They can help you make a step in the right direction.

Wildlife Act offences

Officers patrolling the rural area during the first week of rifle hunting season checked numerous outdoor men and women to ensure they were abiding by the rules and had proper licenses. In one case, a local man who had been previously convicted for Wildlife Act offences and had lost his hunting privileges last year was caught again hunting on land with his friends with no permission by a Mountie patrolling the back woods. Several cases of hunting on private land without permission or too close to a residence were investigated and charges pending. One of the most common offences is shooting at game outside of legal hunting time. Legal time is one half hour before sunrise and one half hour after sunset. To shoot a firearm outside of these times is not only illegal but extremely dangerous. Any smart phone will have sunrise and sunset times as well as the Alberta Hunting Regulations has a Sunrise/Sunset table to reference. Police will continue to partner with Alberta Fish and Wildlife Officers during the remaining weeks of the season to ensure all hunters are being safe and following the regulations.

If you have any information regarding these or any other crimes, please call the local Rimbey RCMP Detachment at (403) 843-2224 or Crime Stoppers:

PHONE: 1-800-222-8477

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Crime Stoppers is a community program that does work! Do your part and call now.