Rimbey town council busy with new spring projects

A new AED defibrillator has been donated to the town from the Heart and Stroke Foundation.


A new AED defibrillator has been donated to the town from the Heart and Stroke Foundation. The new defibrillator and the one that is now in the curling lounge will be placed in the community centre for easy access.

Aquatic Centre

Cleaning and visual inspection of the Rimbey Aquatic Centre has increased and a maintenance contract has been signed with Flaman Fitness. Replacement parts are due to arrive soon for the elliptical machine.

New drains have been installed in the change rooms to help keep water off the floor. Two new hot tubs have also been installed and new cabinet doors placed in the reception area.

Apex Landscaping is working at the entrance of the pool where they are installing a concrete pad to help with drainage. A bench, bike rack and garbage receptacle are also to be installed. Playquest are to install the bench, bike rack and garbage receptacle around mid-June. They will also install two benches and a garbage receptacle at the splash park pad.

Parks and Trails

For the convenience of those walking on the new trails, benches and garbage receptacles will be installed at two locations. A bench, receptacle is also to be placed in the BMX Park and Lions 2 Park. A receptacle will also be installed in the Lions 1 Park.

Outdoor fitness equipment on the south end of the RV Park along the trail is also to be put up.

Canada Day and rodeo events

Planning is ongoing for Canada Day and the Rimbey Rodeo Parade. Both events happen in early June and are well attended. The Red Deer Royals, who have participated in the Rimbey parade in the past, are unavailable this year.

Council agreed with a recommendation by administration to have the Rimbey Aquatic Centre open to the public free of charge from 3 to 6 p.m. on July 1.

Public works

Compost collection continues to be heavy with collection sometimes increasing to three days. One homeowner with 58 bags of compost caused crews to be delayed.

“With the extra time it is taking, it is draining resources for other projects,” said public works foreman Rick Schmidt. “A bag limit might be one way to reduce the extra time it is taking to collect and free up staff for other projects.”

“I’m fully in favor of a bag limit,” agreed Coun. Mathew Jaycox.

Council made no decision on the matter at the meeting.

Fee on late taxes forgiven

Council agreed to partially forgive a late fee charged for overdue taxes as the property owner was in the hospital for 140 days, at which time he was unable to communicate. He paid the taxes in full, but was charged a late fee of 18 per cent. The fee was reduced to 12 per cent.

Council agreed such issues need to be dealt with on an individual basis.

“I don’t have a problem in this case,” said Coun. Mathew Jaycox.

“We just have to be careful we are not setting a precedence,” added Mayor Rick Pankiw.

Grants received

Council agreed to accept the request from the Rimbey & District Old Timers, the Kitchener Masonic Lodge and the Rimbey Art Club for $500 each for funding from the Community Events Grant Program. The Ladies Auxiliary will received their requested amount of $432.38.

Keyera naming celebration

The Keyera naming celebration of the Peter Lougheed Community Centre is to be held Aug., 22. Dignitaries from Keyera will be attendance for the event.

Keyway and the Town of Rimbey have entered into a five year naming agreement and Keyera is paying the town $125,000 over five years in exchange for the right to officially name the community centre the Peter Lougheed Community Centre.