Rimbey town council highlights

Council rescinds policies and selects consulting company for water source

By Treena Mielke

Council rescinds policies

At its Aug. 22 meeting Rimbey town council agreed to rescind several policies that are no longer relevant.

The policy dealing with janitorial supplies has been deleted as each department orders their own supplies and submits bills to administration for payment.

A policy relating to full time ambulance employees and ambulance standby fees has also been deleted, as the town no longer owns the ambulance.

A policy regarding a community television channel was also deleted.

A policy relating to lost and found property has also been removed.


Tagish Engineering has agreed to deal with an issue of sidewalk construction at Kansas Ridge 11.

Mayor Rick Pankiw asked a representative from Tagish present at Monday’s meeting to address a concern about a high ridge and sharp corners on the sidewalks making it difficult for scooters to be navigated in that area.

Pankiw said he has received complaints from several residents about the issue.


Groundwater source to be located

The Town of Rimbey has selected Omni-McCann Consulting Services to assist in locating a new groundwater source.

Phase 1 of the project includes reviewing all of the town’s water well data and Alberta Environment data to determine a probable location and water source. This phase would include the drill and testing of observation wells to determine a location for a production well.

Phase 2 will include the drilling, testing and registering of a new production well.


Tagish Engineering report

Tagish Engineering reported that J. Branco and Sons Concrete Services has completed the removal and replacement of the 1.5m monolithic curb, gutter, sidewalk and landscaping on 50 St. from 50 Ave. to 51 Ave.

The concrete removal and replacement on 50th Street from 52 Ave to 56 Ave. has been completed.

A swale has been installed on 46 Ave. at 51 Ave. and sections of defective concrete removed. Border Paving is grinding asphalt at construction locations required to open streets with newly constructed swales and have removed and repaired the road base on 49th Ave to 50th Ave.