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Rimbey’s New Year’s baby arrives

It’s a girl!
Rimbey’s New Year’s baby, Octavia Madison Jade Gervais, was born Jan. 3 at 7:03 a.m. at the Rimbey Hospital. She weighed six pounds, eight ounces. She is the daughter of Felicity Docken and Edward-J Gervais and a sister to five-year-old Noah and two-year-old Alakay. Treena Mielke Photo

Rimbey’s New Year’s baby, Octavia Madison Jade Gervais, came into this world on Jan. 3 at 7:03 a.m.

The six pound, eight ounce baby girl, the daughter of Felicity Docken and Edward-J Gervais, arrived at the Rimbey Hospital two weeks ahead of schedule.

The dark-haired newborn, wrapped in a pink blanket, looked delightfully tiny and sweet last Thursday, as she slept peacefully in her mother’s arms.

Her early arrival did, however, cause her parents, who live in Ponoka, some duress. “It was very fast,” said Docken. We hardly had time to get out the door.”

Gervais said he made the trip to Rimbey in record time and he is grateful the roads were in fairly good winter driving condition.

However, even though her dad was speeding along the highway as fast as he dared, Octavia wasn’t sure she wanted to wait until her mom was safely established in a hospital room before she made her appearance.

The baby was only minutes away from being born when the couple pulled up to the Rimbey Hospital. By this time the labour pains were intense and the baby’s head was crowning.

“He had to carry me inside,” Docken recounted with a smile.

Once he had the mom safely deposited at the hospital, the expectant father went to park the car. By the time he returned, his daughter had already been born.

The couple, who have two boys at home, five-year-old Noah and two-year-old Alakay are excited to have a daughter to complete their family.