Rocky, Rimbey councillors seek Wildrose nomination

  • Jun. 7, 2011 4:00 p.m.


A Rocky Mountain House councillor, who says she is committed to democracy and to responding to the will of the people, has thrown her hat into another political ring.

Sheila Mizera is letting her name stand as a nominee for the Wildrose Alliance party candidacy in the new Rocky Mountain House-Sundre Constituency.

She said she has been thinking about running for Wildrose for more than a year and made the final decision at the party’s annual general meeting.

“As a lifelong conservative, I have seen the decline of democracy and I am no longer willing to stand by and become a voiceless citizen in my own province,” she said.

“The current provincial government’s closed door policies have left me with a passion to ignite change and provide a voice that can be heard in the legislature.”

Mizera, the daughter of a mixed farming couple, was raised 80 kilometres southeast of Edmonton near Ryley.

The Wildrose candidate is completing her second term as a councillor in Rocky Mountain House and is a NAIT team leader and instructor of office administration in that community.

Her past history and involvement in political issues is a good indicator that she will fight for what she believes in.

As the lead advocate/facilitator in an environmental resolution related to landowner rights associated with the Ryley landfill, she worked to get some action. She was so passionate about her role and the landowner’s rights she even called up a radio talk show and invited former Premier Ralph Klein to come out and see the mess for himself. He promised to come out and did not renege on his word, resulting in positive change.

As a Rocky Mountain House councillor, Mizera sits on several committees including the Rocky Municipal Sustainability Committee and the North Saskatchewan River Park Committee.

Mizera said her interaction with people in her constituency has been very positive.

“People are ready for change,” she said.

She said the Wildrose Alliance will allow the voices of Albertans to be heard and the will of the people to be carried out.

She added, if elected, she would make it her personal goal to be sure the needs of the people of Alberta get heard in the legislature.

“I will not buckle to the voices of the few. When we meet on the street I will be able to smile, look you in the eye and shake your hand.”

Mizera will be at the Rimbey Legion on June 9 at 7 p.m.

Anglin to seek nomination

Rimbey Coun. Joe Anglin also has plans to run for the Wildrose Alliance nomination. Anglin, unavailable for comment, is active in a number of landowner rights issues. He is in his first term as councillor.

The nomination deadline for the Wildrose Alliance Party is June 10. An election date has yet to be confirmed.