Sgt. Groves commends everyone who works together to make the community a better place

Rimbey RCMP detachment had a steady week responding to several domestics, break and enters to homes

  • Mar. 3, 2015 3:00 p.m.

By Sgt. Mark Groves

Rimbey RCMP detachment had a steady week responding to several domestics, break and enters to homes in the Summer Village of Parkland Beach, stolen vehicles and other serious matters.

Unlike other weeks, I would like to not focus on the crimes we investigated, but on our community, which we proudly serve. Throughout the week, I had the opportunity to sit down and speak to our member of parliament, member of legislative assembly, town and county councillors, county reeves and CAOs, as well as many local farmers and businessmen and women. As the detachment commander, I consult with as many local citizens and community leaders as I can to ensure we are delivering the best quality service possible with the resources entrusted to me. Each spring, I create a detachment performance plan in an effort to tackle any community issues we may face in the year to come. After consulting with our community partners, I put a strategic plan in motion in order to meet goals we set by the end of the year. Of course, Rimbey and the three counties we serve have challenges. However, we have amazing people collectively working each day in an effort to make Rimbey and the area a better place to live. Nowhere in my service have I seen such commitment by workers and volunteers to a community.

On February 24, I was invited to visit the Rimbey Christian School with executive members who volunteer with Rimbey and District Rural Crime Watch for an awards presentation. Last year, I attended an assembly at the Rimbey Christian School where they were discussing ‘peace’ when I arrived. Of course, ‘peace’ can mean so many different things to people. Just looking at those little faces as they gathered in the assembly was a testament of ‘peace’ to me. At the assembly, I mentioned how everyone should take a moment to be thankful for the blessings each one of us has and to take time to thank their parents, teachers, volunteers, etc. for what they do to make their world better.

This morning on my way to work, there was a huge sundog in the early morning sky. Like an oversized rainbow, it stretched from high above and ended smack dab in the middle of Rimbey as I drove east on Highway 53. Supposedly, there is a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow. I am not sure about this old tale. I have even panned for gold in the famous Bonanza Creek in the Klondike for gold at the end of a rainbow to no avail. So, from my own personal experience, I can say that there may not be a pot of gold in Rimbey, but there are people here worth their weight in the precious metal.

No community is perfect. Nor, is anyone’s life. We all face difficulties. But, we are not alone. There are resources available to help those in need throughout the community.  For links to many community resources, go to Our very own Rimbey and District Victim Services Unit is here to lend a helping hand and can be reached at (403) 843-8494.

I challenge each person to take a moment to thank a volunteer. It could be your child’s coach, a fireman, a church usher, a citizen on patrol member or a Big Brother or Big Sister, etc. If you are a volunteer, thank you for your valuable time and service. It is greatly appreciated!

If you have any information regarding any crimes, please call the local Rimbey RCMP Detachment at (403) 843-2224 or Crime Stoppers:

PHONE: 1-800-222-8477

#8477 on Telus Mobility

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