Sidewalk work ongoing

Sidewalk work ongoing

Work to be completed by end of June or early July

Sidewalk work is ongoing in Rimbey as crews work to replace and repair areas which have deteriorated due to weather and age.

Public works director Rick Schmidt said the work began last year.

“We started last fall to repair areas which were considered to be a trip hazard,” he said.

Unfortunately, the sidewalks in designated areas which were still in need of repair have deteriorated even more since last fall, he noted.

Schmidt said some of the damage has been caused by water getting into the cracks and then expanding when it freezes.

Work is now being completed on the north side of main street in front of the town office and the drug store. Sidewalk repair also took place in front of Ekrim Agencies where the concrete had broken up.

Projects are to be completed by the end of June or the first week in July.