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Stolen Santa Night deer recovered by anonymous tip

Deer were stolen from Rimbey’s PasKaPoo Park the morning after event

Thanks to the call of an anonymous concerned citizen, Keyera Gas Plant’s 12 foot light up reindeer, along with two small deer, were found and returned to PasKaPoo Park.

“I’m just so grateful they were found,” said Jane Bruce, plant administrator for the Rimbey and Gilby Keyera gas plants.

Rimbey RCMP confirmed the theft of the deer and light timer, which were reported as stolen the morning after Santa Night and the Festival of Lights at PasKaPoo Park, which took place Nov. 24.

Bruce said it was like a punch in the gut when the deer went missing.

“It was the time and the thought that went into it by other people to do something nice for the community, and not even the full 24 hours after the opening day, somebody steals your centerpiece.”

Bruce said the RCMP were great about the whole situation.

The deer definitely need some love, but are now returned safe and sound to the pavilion.

When asked if she will put them back on display, she said, “I’m not going to let a few spoil it for everybody,” adding that she will find a way to fasten them to a pallet so it will be harder for someone to take.

The displays can be seen at PasKaPoo Park right up until after Christmas.