Storm chaser captures sky on camera near Rimbey

Storm chaser captures sky on camera near Rimbey

Storm whips Gull Lake into white caps

Matt Melnyk, a pilot with WestJet, who is also a storm chaser and photographer captured some pictures of Thursday night’s thunderstorm.

Melnyk was driving between Pigeon Lake and Rimbey between 7 and 8 p.m. when the storm hit and he managed to pull over and grab some shots.

“The storm had frequent lightning as well as strong winds and large hail. As you can see from the photos, the green inside the cloud indicates large hail,” he said.

Rimbey Review Editor, Treena Mielke was out on Gull Lake near Meridian Beach prior to the storm, but made it safely to shore slightly before 7 p.m. The sky appeared dark and menacing at that time but cleared later before the wind whipped the lake into a frenzy of white caps.

Rain and hail was reported in the area, with large pea sized hail stones reported in Sylvan Lake.