Vandals destroy windows, smash glass at Pas Ka Poo Park

Vandals went through Pas Ka Poo Park Thursday, smashing many of the windows in the historic buildings

  • Apr. 7, 2017 8:00 p.m.


What took volunteers months, sometimes even years to preserve at Pas Ka Poo Park has been destroyed by vandals in a matter of minutes.

On April 6 when most people were heading home for supper, unknown vandals ripped through the park smashing every window that seemed to be within hitting range.

In a voice, bordering on tears, park administrator Cheryl Jones said she had received a call from Rimbey RCMP Thursday night to inform her of the vandalism.

“When I left work, they (the vandals) went to work,” she said.

Using rocks, some as big as dinner plates, the culprits systematically went through the park destroying all the glass they could.

The stained glass windows in the historic park in the church were 150 years old and are irreplaceable, said Jones.

“They shattered a piece of Rimbey’s history,” said Jones. “I was almost sick when I saw what they had done.”

All the glass in an historic phone booth which took volunteers hours to reconstruct has also been shattered.

Following the senseless acts of vandalism all the smashed windows have been boarded up.

“We will certainly be doing nothing special for Canada’s 150 birthday. All of our funds will have to go towards replacing glass,” said Jones. “And for now everything is just going to be boarded up.

Rimbey RCMP Const. Carmon Dutz said the matter is still under investigation and urges anyone with information regarding the vandalism to contact the RCMP at 403-843-2224.