Wildrose candidate gears up for spring provincial election

Wildrose party candidate Jason Nixon is not surprised there is an election looming.

Wildrose party candidate Jason Nixon is not surprised there is an election looming.

“I figured we’d be going in the spring,” he said.

Nixon, who will represent the Wildrose Party in the May 5 election believes Premier Jim Prentice pushed the election ahead while the Wildrose Party was still reeling from the effects of having nine elected representatives cross over.

But he is confident the Wildrose, though faced with the challenge of rebuilding, is up for the political race to the polls.

“I don’t think he was prepared for us to have our new leader in place as soon as we did,” he said.

Nixon and his camp are traveling throughout the constituency in a mobile office and are busy knocking on doors to chat with constituents.

The young candidate is enjoying being on the campaign trail.

“I’m excited to go and debate the issues,” he said.

Nixon is pleased the Wildrose party has come up with five sturdy planks to nail down their platform.

He is confident these objectives which include no tax increases, a balanced budget, patient centered health care, improved transparency and a strong rural Alberta will benefit the province as a whole.

“The PC’s plan means higher taxes, higher spending and less services,” he said. “Wild Rose means no tax increases, economic growth and services focused on outcomes. “We are the only party standing between Al- berta and higher taxes,” he said, adding Albertans have suffered from decades of PC waste.

“Our plan will not hurt front line services.”

Nixon said the Wildrose party will release more details during the next few weeks of a plan that will continue to save taxpayers dollars.

Nixon, the former Rimbey-Rocky Mountain House-Sundre constituency president defeated MLA Joe Anglin in a nomination race last summer.

The 30-something father of three lives west of Sundre in the Bearberry area with his wife and children