(BLACK PRESS file photo)

(BLACK PRESS file photo)

Wolf Creek Public Schools board meeting briefs

Central office reduced 6 positions, added 1, reduced operational budgets

Board moves to reduce monthly regular meetings to one

In the interest of finding cost savings and efficiencies the Board has moved to reduce its number of regular Board meetings from two to one per month.

Further cost savings at Central Office

The Board heard a report on cost savings found at central office. From 2016 to 2019 central office reduced six positions and added one and reduced operational budgets, equating to $759,024 in cost reductions. No staffing positions are being reduced for the 2019/2020 school year, but senior administration has made additional operational budget reductions by $279,000. This means there has been more than $1 Million in overall reductions in central office costs over the past four years.

Ward Review to go ahead

WCPS Board moved to proceed with its Ward Review to analyze its current ward boundaries for equitable representation throughout the Division.

Budget meeting with School Councils

The Board reviewed feedback from School Council members following a Board meeting with School Councils regarding implications of the recent funding changes to education in the 2019 Alberta Education budget.

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