Mackenzie Howard talked to council about positive changes to Rimbey airport.                                Photo submitted

Mackenzie Howard talked to council about positive changes to Rimbey airport. Photo submitted

Young entrepreneur has plans for Rimbey airport

Rimbey aerospace plan presented to council

A young man who can visualize the Rimbey airport as a busy place where passengers can board a small plane to fly to such short destinations as Edmonton or Calgary, met with town council last Monday to launch his idea.

MacKenzie Howard, a 21-year-old entrepreneur who grew up in Rimbey, approached council about his carefully thought out plan of action which includes looking at the aerospace industry in a completely new and innovative way.

Howard, an entrepreneur who has started his own company, Menzie’s Management, has carefully created goals and targets on a municipal, provincial and international level which are designed to stimulate action in the industry over the next 12 months.

“We recognize that developing transportation in the aerospace industry is one of the greatest global challenges and an indispensable requirement for sustainable development,” he said.

Rimbey airport, which is reported to have the best grass runway of any airport in Alberta, and does not have runway lights, does have potential, said Howard, who noted there are 50 such airports throughout Alberta.

The young entrepreneur plans to approach investors who are willing to use small planes to fly out of airports such as Rimbey carrying passengers and cargo. In the future, he plans to see the airport fully utilized with small planes available to transport passengers to such cities as Edmonton or Calgary.

The planes could also be used to transport cargo and/or mail.

Howard plans to increase efficiency in 50 airports by next year, thereby increasing staff, flights and passengers, which in turn, would see a higher return of revenue.

With his plan just getting off the ground, Howard is looking ahead with confidence and determination.

“I just need to get investors to come forward,” he said.

Council was receptive to the entrepreneur’s presentation and offered him encouragement to continue to pursue his plans.

“I think the idea is great,” said Mayor Rick Pankiw. “I’m not sure if it’s not cost prohibitive, but I commend you for putting this together.”

“I would never want to discourage someone who is thinking outside the box,” added Coun. Paul Payson.