AI group supports WOZA

The following is a letter to WOZA (Women of Zimbabwe Arise) movement.

Dear Editor:

The following is a letter to WOZA (Women of Zimbabwe Arise) movement.

I am writing on behalf of the Rimbey (Alta., Canada) Group of Amnesty International to tell you that we continue to support you all in your struggle for your basic human rights.

Long-time abuse of power by your government has brought about the violation of Zimbabweans’ right to shelter, food, freedom of movement and residency, freedom of assembly and protection of the law.

There are ongoing assaults, by government on the media, any political opposition, civil society activities and human rights defenders such as WOZA.

Money is being channeled into the hands of the officials, instead of into institutions and programs for the people of Zimbabwe. As a result, the literacy rate is falling and the health system has collapsed.

Life expectancy is among the lowest in the world.

Yet, you members of WOZA, women and men, now 85,000 strong, continue to lobby and advocate on issues affecting your people. Despite harassment by police, despite repeated arrests and imprisonment accompanied by deprivation and sometimes torture, you continue to participate in peaceful protests and public demonstrations in the hope of change.

You have friends here in Rimbey.

On June 5 our Amnesty International Group and the Rimbey United Church Women will, for the fourth time, host A Taste of Africa, an evening of African food and songs performed by our local community choir.

We will be highlighting WOZA and all donations will be sent to your human right movement, as well as all the proceeds from the sale of flowering plants for Mother’s Day.

Our best wishes to you in your ongoing work.

Florence Stemo for AI

Rimbey Group