Bluffton community asked to reach out to help family

Courage comes in many shapes. There is courage we see when soldiers go to war and we should all be grateful

Dear Editor,

Courage comes in many shapes.

There is courage we see when soldiers go to war and we should all be grateful, but there is also the quiet everyday courage of people in our community facing personal challenges.

Sometimes they win these battles themselves but we all know of times when the community has stepped forward with support when asked to do so.

A family in our community is in need of that support snow.

The mom found the courage to remove herself from an abusive relationship and her teenage son, who will soon be joining them, is courageously living with a genetic condition called SMAD 4.

SMAD 4 is a lifelong condition that attacks the internal organs and frequently requires surgical intervention.

Two years ago this lad underwent surgery to remove his colon, but that has not proven beneficial.

He is now facing reconstructive surgery while he still has the physical strength to handle it.

Following the surgery he will be joining his mom and family in our community.

But this situation is even more complicated.

The lad is Canadian because his dad is Canadian (but lived in USA for some time).

His mom has been working towards getting her Canadian citizenship, but the process has not yet been completed.

The immigration department will not allow mom to be employed or receive health care or any government funding as of yet, but she is now to be her son’s sole support.

He will require 24-hour care while recovering from the surgery.

Over time our community has come to the aid of those in distress. Faced with this dilemma, the mom, as a last resort in order to care for her son, will welcome any support the community has to offer.

The immediate needs are medium size Depends, warm winter clothing, men’s large, size 13 shoes and a washing machine.

A future fundraiser is being planned in the New Year in form of a spaghetti supper at the K & L Restaurant in Bluffton.

Irene Kurta-Lovell

(On behalf of Melisa Crawford and Kerrie Soderquist)

Editor’s note: For more information check out A family’s Christmas wish by Melisa Crawford on Fundrazr/Facebook. Donations may be made by contacting Melisa at or Kerrie at 403-704-3011.