Good news story has now arrived

It seems now, more than ever, the news of the world is filled with staccato notes of dissention, unrest and conflict.

Jacob Devin Turnbull

Jacob Devin Turnbull

It seems now, more than ever, the news of the world is filled with staccato notes of dissention, unrest and conflict.

Actually, in reality, these notes of dissention are always found out there somewhere, and unfortunately the people who cause the discord can often be heard much more clearly than those who quietly go about their business not looking for personal gain or recognition.

The media has a responsibility to report the good, the bad and the ugly as fairly and accurate as possible. We are supposed to ask the hard questions and dig beneath the surface, not for our perception of the truth, but the truth.

This, of course, is almost impossible to do because, in the long run, perception is truth. I have covered meetings and listened to four different people give me their version of that same meeting, only to find myself walking away perplexed, because it seems they were all at different meetings.

Regardless, good news stories continue to be the stamps on the passport to hope, faith and the conviction that not all is wrong with the world.

Good news stories make people smile. They make people feel better about themselves and about others.

They remind us that good does prevail, though often times it gets hidden in the mire of anger and egos that refuse to sit down and shut up.

And so when readers turn the pages and read about the rescued dog, the good Samaritan, the local kid who does good, the generous anonymous donor, the tragedy that, in a sudden, strange twist of fate, has a wonderful, happy ending, disillusionment is, once again, temporarily held at bay.

So, in spite of the staccato notes of dissention and general displeasure that is going on right now, not only in our community, but pretty much everywhere, I have a good news story of my own.

Jacob Devin Turnbull, grandchild number six, was born April 13.

He arrived at 12:12 a.m. His arrival, while no doubt, creating somewhat of a stir at the hospital, did nothing to interrupt the lives of his two brothers who were wolfing down Kraft dinner at the time.

The picture I received on my cell phone while I was babysitting the two older boys caused my heart to momentarily skip a beat and wonder if I had taken my blood pressure pills. As soon as the child, being held by his father appeared on my screen, I began dancing around the kitchen waving my cell phone like a crazy person.

“The baby’s here, the baby’s here,” I said, my excitement causing my voice to go up an octave!

The boys paused briefly to watch me do my own version of a new baby dance before continuing to shovel in forkfuls of macaroni.

“More ketchup, grandma,” the five-year-old said, calmly.

His younger brother looked curiously at the picture of his newest sibling who was being held in dad’s arms.

“There’s my dad,” he observed.

Yes, your dad is holding your new brother,” I said.

“Is he done?” he questioned.

Regardless of his brother’s reactions, Jacob’s birth has made the whole entire family all ridiculously happy and pleased for no other reason than just because he is new, he is beautiful and he is ours.

And that, to me at least, is the best news story, ever!