“Harper, Day committed to drag Canada into the darkness”,

The Harper government, with Stockwell Day as Minister of Public Safety, is determined to drag Canada into the darkness.

Dear Editor;

The Harper government, with Stockwell Day as Minister of Public Safety, is determined to drag Canada into the darkness.

Among the myriad of problems, created by the intended de-linking of the RCMP, is the globalist style privatization of the force. As well, the suggested mechanism provides the Minister of Public Safety with a layer of separation which serves as a political shield between him and the bad actions of an organization for which he is supposed to be responsible.

The Conservative government’s RCMP Task Force has been used as a tool to enable further imposition of the Friedman laissez-faire administrative model.

Globalists are attempting to redirect the legitimate and democratic public control of police and security services in Canada. They are making it ever more difficult for the people of Canada to define the parameters within which our police and security forces shall behave. As a response to globalist corruption within the force, we see neo-Conservative ideologues disguised as “advisors” moving to enable the integration of the RCMP with foreign private armies. It is extremely dangerous to assume that Mr. Day’s announced preference for a privatized Canada Borders Services Agency doesn’t belie his government’s intentions across a broad spectrum, including the RCMP.

Whereas he must currently resort to belittling the severity of Taser-killing by comparing it to impaired driving; under the proposed changes to the relationship between the Federal Government and the RCMP, Mr. Day will be able to feign real concern while claiming administrative helplessness. He will be able to condemn Taser-killing while doing absolutely nothing to stop it, claiming that it is somebody else’s responsibility.

We have to face the reality that the American government is currently being hollowed out from within. The entire structure of the U.S. military is being gutted; replaced by a politically motivated neo-conservative globalist mercenary army which has already demonstrated its ability to kill civilians with impunity.

The Harper government has already signed agreements allowing foreign private armies to take physical control of Canada’s energy and resource sectors in the event of an emergency.

The Friedman model requires the existence of some form of domestic terror mechanism designed to function beyond the sphere of public accountability. The Harper government will do everything it can to provide its foreign corporate masters with the authority to utilize these dictatorial enhancement tools against the Canadian people.

Now that the invitation is in place, and the definition of “traitor” is indeed what it always was; the question is not whether the requisite emergency will occur, but when and where.

Robert MacKay

Merritt, B.C.