How low can you get?

The Legion Hall in Win- field has been built in memory of our Canadian soldiers.

Dear Editor,

The Legion Hall in Winfield has been built in memory of our Canadian soldiers. They went to war to prevent our country from becoming a Nazi state. The ones who made it back resumed their lives and raised their children to respect others, love each other and be honest.

That is what Legion halls across this great country are about. “Respect, Love and Honour.”

Thousands of volunteer hours have been donated to build the new Winfield Legion Hall to honour our soldiers, past and present.

To the thieves who broke into the hall and stole items not belonging to them, I say, “Leave Winfield and don’t ever come back.” These soldiers fought wars to protect your sorry butts. Your own grandfathers likely fought these wars to keep our country safe and free. You have no honour and no respect even for your own grandparents’ sacrifices.

If you thieves know how to read, this letter is for you, if you don’t know how to read get a war veteran to read it to you. You have dishonoured your family and all the soldiers who fought to protect your lazy, sorry butts.

How low can you get?

Ray Barrette