Keep wild rose on license plates

The wild rose continues to flourish abundantly in our roadside ditches and spill out unexpectedly in cracks and crannies everywhere.

The wild rose continues to flourish abundantly in our roadside ditches and spill out unexpectedly in cracks and crannies everywhere.

It is a beautiful much loved flower.

The amazing thing about the wild rose is that it appears so fragile and delicate, but it isn’t. In fact, it flourishes in this province, and doesn’t need to be cajoled or coaxed or coddled into blooming.

It just does!

Fittingly the wild rose is our provincial flower.

Sadly, the symbol of the wild rose and the slogan ‘wild rose country’ is to be deleted from our license plates.


That’s just crazy. Take away our wild rose! That’s wrong, just wrong!

The debate over the new proposed license plates is ongoing and so it should be.

Albertans, less than impressed with the government’s decision to delete the wild rose symbol from our license plates, are up in arms.

Albertans have every right to be annoyed. The move, by the provincial government, is ridiculous.

We are a province where the wild rose flourishes and the fact that we will no longer be able to boast about that delightful fact on our license plates seems ludicrous.

Deleting the Wild rose symbol because of a seeming conflict with our Wild rose Party seems petty and small.

The Wild rose Party, itself, was clever in coming up with a name befitting the province in which it lives, as was The Alberta Party. However, it seems will be allowed.

But, political leanings aside, Wild Rose Country as a slogan certainly wins over the slogan

Wild Rose Country conjures up images of a warm and welcoming province, a little wild and untamed perhaps, but ripe with potential and growth and prosperity. is simply blah!

To add insult to injury, Albertans are going to have to fork over five bucks just to get these new plates that they didn’t want in the first place.

In the big scheme of things, license plates and their logos should probably not be given a huge priority when it comes to things to complain about.

It is true that education and health care are constant bones of contention, and rightly so, but, it seems, as is the case with most things, always there are those who are worse off.

And even though we live through what seems like endless winters, suffer through drought or high water levels, depending on the whims of mother nature, overall, things are good.

But, still there are some things that simply shouldn’t be messed with.

Things like the wild rose on our license plates.

It needs to stay there. Taking it away is like removing the Flames from Calgary or the Oilers from Edmonton.

Albertans need to feel proud that they live in wild rose country.

They need to remember that in spite of governments that change with the wind,  making promises too easily broken, no apparent ceiling on the price of food and gas and an economy that fluctuates without warning, some things remain constant and good.

Like flowers. Like the wild rose!