New Year’s resolutions are a timeless tradition

Believe it or not, 2015 is but a few days away and Christmas 2014 has already faded into the annals of the past, ready to be stored

Believe it or not, 2015 is but a few days away and Christmas 2014 has already faded into the annals of the past, ready to be stored, once again, in a photograph book of memories.

But, looking ahead, not back, is what we all must do and it’s almost time to move on to a new year.

And, as the days start to unfold, it will be time, once again, for the country, the province and each and every individual to fill in the blank slate of the yet to be lived days of their lives with responsible decisions which will, hopefully, benefit not only themselves, but their communities, their province and their country as well.

Clinging to such unrealistic expectations is completely naïve of course, but, perhaps, it is not out of the realm of idealism to hope for tiny increments of positive change in the New Year.

The longest journey begins with a single step, and 2015 offers an opportunity to each and every one of us to take that first step to begin our own personal journey towards whatever destination we chose.

I, personally, plan on squeezing in some sort of nap before I begin the journey, again.

Trust me, I’m all about making good and positive changes, but I know I will need lots of energy to do so.

A nap is a good first step, I’m thinking.

And then I will be ready.

I truly believe it is good to stand in the wings of a new year which is about to unfold and reach for limits which are, no doubt, realistically unattainable, but possible.

In my mind, I flip back to my own personal plans, hopes and dreams that I unfailing make each and every new year.

Lose weight. Learn a new song on the piano every month. Do something nice for someone every day. Exercise at least three times a week. Follow Canada’s food guide. Keep your desk clutter free every day, not just when you can’t stand it anymore. Learn a new skill.

Do not use profanity when driving or at any other time.

Do not gossip.

“Ahhh, what happened to my resolutions?

Even as I write this, imagining the strict regime such resolutions involve, I am fairly confident none of the above will happen.

Life will, no doubt, get in the way and I will fall short of the mark I have set for myself, thereby being all discouraged and ready to quit.

That’s when it’s important to get up, start over, or simply go to Plan B. Delete resolution!

But still, with 2015 an embryo waiting to be born, even with my unfailing track record of incompletion, I am ready to start anew with a fresh list.

And being an eternal optimist, I just keep looking up, which is good because on a clear night in late December, the timeless beauty of the constellations and the stars cut the night sky into a jagged patchwork of perfection.

And, once again l am reminded by the majestic beauty of the night sky that some things such as optimism, hope and New Year’s resolutions are meant to live forever.

And always there will be unexplained beauty, quiet moments of unexpected perfection and even the odd New Year’s resolution that actually gets kept.

So, may you all have the best New Year’s ever and may you all make and keep your own New Year’s resolutions.

Good luck with that!