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Public needs to hear objective facts regarding library expansion

I have the following comments regarding the current administration and political leadership of our community

Dear Editor:

I have the following comments regarding the current administration and political leadership of our community as regarding the June 3 vote:

• The administration and town council has a duty to objectively present both sides of the issue being put to a vote on June 3.

• Whoever allowed the library pamphlet to be distributed at taxpayers’ expense in conjunction with our most recent utility billing should not have done so. The same opportunity should have been granted to the party representing the many ratepayers in this community who have valid reasons to object to the relocation of town office — not necessarily the expansion of the library.

• The public information session scheduled for May 27 is again a “biased” format as it is being held to explain the “library expansion” point of view only.

• The wording of the preamble and question to be put to ratepayers on June 3 as published in the Rimbey Review is grossly inadequate, contains inaccuracies regarding financial components and does not address the real issue. Disposition of a municipal asset costing the taxpayer in excess of $650,000 for $1 and incurring ongoing annual lease costs of $30,000.

• It doesn’t matter how you cut it the relocation of town office will cost ratepayers more each and every year in perpetuity. That’s without moving costs, leasehold improvements, sidewalk construction and additional funding to the library to afford the utility and other costs in their expanded premises.

• I know there were town policies in place that dealt with the procedures that should be followed when contemplating the disposition of capital assets. Are these policies still in effect and have they been followed?

• Capital revenues and expenditures as well as operating revenues and expenditures are required to be included in annual budget that is passed by council and submitted to Alberta Municipal Affairs. The details of the 2013 budget, which should have been passed by now, are not available to the public at town office nor posted to town website.

I am extremely disappointed with present circumstances and lack of leadership, due diligence and common sense of those we elected in good faith.

Rhonda Rae Tarney (Stewart),

former Town of Rimbey auditor 1990-2000,

and town councillor 2004 to 2007