Reader expresses gratitude about living in Rimbey community

I feel compelled to say that I am overwhelmingly grateful to be living here.

Dear Editor,

I feel compelled to say that I am overwhelmingly grateful to be living here. Not only is this area scenic and abundant, the folks I have come to meet and know over the last few years are collectively the most friendly, hard-working, kind and generous people I’ve known. Good people live here!

I am grateful for this local newspaper that, although small – has a big, positive impact in this area. We are weekly informed, entertained and advised of the things that matter to us most in this community – the people and events that directly affect and inspire us.

Good job!

I am also very grateful for the RCMP members here. By them, we are cared-for, protected, and informed. They are foremost in keeping a diligent watch and tirelessly laboring for our protection – from both transients looking for trouble and our local characters who haven’t figured things out yet. Thank you for your constant protection and care and the exceptional way you balance strength, compassion and humour.

What a blessing you are!

I am truly in awe of the number of really great people in this community. There is such a sense of welcome, comfort, safety and good-will here that is unprecedented compared to anywhere else I’ve lived. I believe the people who have settled here are among the finest people ever assembled in one place!

I am proud to be among you people, living strong – out here – West of the Fifth! I think this area might just be Alberta’s best kept secret.

Lorilee Gramlich