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Reader frustrated with the Rimbey Ratepayers Assoc.

I am writing this letter in response to the letter from Florence Stemo in the Jan. 20 Rimbey Review.

Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter in response to the letter from Florence Stemo in the Jan. 20 Rimbey Review.

I am truly amazed and frustrated that group of people (The Rimbey Ratepayers Association) has again decided to come out of the cellar. This group started up approximately four years ago with the goal of getting rid of the town council at the time and replacing it with its own handpicked people from their own group.

At that time they were successful in dividing our wonderful town, got the council they wanted in and went back into hibernation.

They have now raised their heads with this new town council, going after them for not appointing Gayle Rondeel to the library board.

During the library debate, these same people stood up and said these people were elected to make decisions for our town, so let them.

Now after the election in October, with their candidates being defeated, one would think they should practice what they preach.

As for Mrs. Stemo I have two questions.

Are you a taxpayer in the Town of Rimbey? Are you listed as a voter in the Town of Rimbey?

If you answered no to these questions, I believe you should remain silent in council chambers when it comes to the business of the town of Rimbey as well as stay away from all election facilities.

I believe given the opportunity, this new council will always take the time to become informed, have discussions with those who it affects, and at times, even bring to the public some issues that they do need an opinion and/or advice on.

Until then please treat this council with the same dignity that was given to your council.

We did.

I am also going to ask this town council about usage of historic buildings, owned by the Town of Rimbey. I would like to know if what is going on inside of those buildings is to aid Rimbey in any way.

I do not believe that anything political should be allowed to take place in any of these buildings, and that is my humble opinion.

Harry E. Stuart,



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