Reader questions downsizing of the proposed lodge

I have just read an article in the Red Deer Life paper about Rimbey's long-awaited seniors lodge.

Dear Editor,

I have just read an article in the Red Deer Life paper about Rimbey’s long-awaited seniors lodge.

The $13.3 million is Provincial cash infusion that was arranged last spring, thanks to Joe Anglin.

At that time it was designated for an 80 unit senior lodge, and now it is only going to be a 40 unit building, states the article in the paper.

What has become of the proposed 80 new units that were to be built with the $13.3 million?

The very first idea for Rimbey to have another senior lodge, began 3 years ago.

At that time, Joe Anglin was chairman of the Rimoka Housing Foundation (RHF) board with Keith Beebe and Gawney Hinkley as Ponoka County representatives on the RMH board.

The County of Ponoka bought the land site and hold it in trust to the RHF.

I sincerely want to thank the County of Ponoka for the land purchase for this new lodge and their continuing representation on the RHF board.  I hope I can live long enough to see this lodge completed. and that it doesn’t take another three years!

Gawney Hinkley

Retired Ponoka County Reeve and councillor